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Personal Tuition

Personal tuition sessions are available for all ages. Lessons last an hour each and are held at the following venues:

Gillingham                                                                                             Mondays 9am-8pm                                                                       Wednesdays 9am-4pm                                                               Fridays 9am-3pm                                                                         Saturdays 9.30am-6pm


Wednesdays 5pm-8pm

Personal tuition can also be held outside of these locations if necessary, i.e. your place of work or home, our teachers are willing to travel!

Price - £26 per hour for up to 2 people

Please note that personal tuition lessons are for up to 2 people having a lesson with a single dance teacher.  Depending on the time of your lesson there may be other personal tuition lessons running for other students with their teacher at the same time.  'Private' lessons for just your lesson in the venue can be arranged subject to availability at an additional cost.